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Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding -304comֵص Co., Ltd. Website
Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
Welcome To Visit Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. Website
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Zhejiang Rongsheng Paper Industry Holding Co., Ltd. is located in Pinghu Economic Developing Zone, with the title of the Back Garden of Shanghai, the environment of which is elegant, the geographical position is unique, the land transportation is convenient, and the water transportation is developed. The south has a distance of 18km to the Oriental Grand Port-Zhapu Port, the east is close to Shanghai, with a distance of 65km to the urban area, and the north is connecting to the Huhangyong Freeway, with a distance of 3.5km to the exit of Dayun.

The company was founded in 1980, in 1998 it finished the shareholding system reform, and in 2000 it was listed as the national large size enterprise. The company is a modern enterprise taking paper making as the majority, and integrating thermoelectric and packaging, with a floor area of about 200,000m2. Our Paper Industry Company now possesses four paper making production lines, produces kinds of high-level craft liner board, corrugated medium, and packaging used paper, one of which is 4,600mm nets high speed paper machine produces A-level craft liner board, and one 4600mm high speed paper machine produces AA-level corrugated paper, the annual producing capability reaches 300,000t. In 2001, our company smoothly passed the ISO90012000 Quality System Certificate, and passed the Quality Certificate by Technical Supervision Bureau, all the indexes are higher than the GB/T13024-91 Standard, and has reached the ISP3902-85 International Standard. Our company is designated as the exported carton special paper.

Our company invested to build a new thermoelectric company in 2003, divided into two, one invested 110,000,000RMB, the scale is Three Furnaces and Two Machines. The equipments, with a high start point and advanced technology, annually generate 120,000,000KW electricity, and can provide 1,580,000GJ heat. The Cogeneration and Central Heating Project can not only satisfy the electricity and heat demands of our company, but also central provides heat to Pinghu Economic Developing Zone, which reduces the operating costs of the enterprise, and promotes the investment environment of the Developing Zone.

Since its foundation, our company has always invested funds, brought in advanced techniques, and promoted the product quality. In order to further promote the operating and managing system, our company adopts the international advanced management technology, and carries out the world level enterprise resources planning system, to strive to complete the running of the company. Meanwhile, our company always holds the activities for the employees to study outside and inside the enterprise, to train the technical and managing staff, and promote the enterprise cohesion.

Sincerity, innovation, and scrupulousness are the pursuing goal of Rongsheng man, and providing the most high quality products to clients is the responsibility of Rongsheng Man. The Chairman, and the General Manager, with the All Rivers Run into Sea, Go Forward Together, and Join Forces for the Future tolerance, attracts multiple domestic clients and talents, the heart and soul sincerity and cooperation, builds Rongsheng a brilliant and proud carrier. We take Paying attention to the welfare service of the society, Paying attention to environment protection, and Paying attention to the future development as our responsibility, we are willing to add stones and pave roads for the economic building and social development of Pinghu, and even for Zhejiang.
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